Borri is a company specialized in custom design, manufacturing and servicing of power electronics equipment for ICT, industrial, oil & gas and energy applications. 
Borri’s R&D department is one of the most complete regarding the different disciplines in the field of power conversion. 
Long experience in semiconductors and magnetic component design is combined with the most advanced digital regulation algorithms and microcontroller programming know-how. 
Borri has a leading position in the oil and gas market thanks to its proven customizing expertise and continuous pursuit of excellence in a state-of-the-art product. 
However, wide experience in several branches of power electronics such as UPS systems for data centers and inverters for renewable energy and storage, make Borri a leader in this technology not only for oil and gas applications. 
The latest patented three-phase solution based on its green conversion operation can guarantee the best PUE for green data centers: proof of the ongoing company commitment to innovation. Based in Italy with 12,000 m2 production space and a large full-testing area, the company can call  
on more than 80 years of experience.Borri has a strong global presence and is represented in all 5 continents. 
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B300 Line Interactive 1-3Kva 
B400 Online Double Conversion 1-3Kva 
B500 Online Double Conversion 6-20Kva 
Ingenio Online Double Conversion 30-50Kva 
B9000 Online Double Conversion 60-300Kva 
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