Delta Ultron DPS 160 - 500Kva  

Delta’s Ultron DPS is a double-conversion and IGBT-rectifier three phase UPS. With the three level IGBT topology for both PFC (power factor correction) and inverter, the Ultron DPS features industry leading performance of up to 96% AC-AC efficiency. Thanks to Delta’s advanced digital PFC control, it also has low iTHD < 3% and high input power factor > 0.99 resulting in significant total cost of ownership (TCO) savings. Aiming to achieve the highest availability possible, Delta has enhanced special designs for battery management, swappable fans and ease of maintenance. 
The excellent power performance and high system availability of the Ultron DPS provide customers with the benefits of a stable power supply, high power efficiency, low capital investment and low overall operation cost. 
N+X redundancy or hot-standby configuration increases system reliability 
Wide input voltage range allows the UPS to work in harsh electrical environments  
Field programmable sequential start-up  
Intelligent fan speed control and redundant fan design prevent overheating  
Comprehensive battery management sustains battery lifetime and optimal operation 
High efficiency even at light load saves operating costs  
High input power factor (> 0.99) and low input harmonic distortion (iTHD < 3%) save upstream investment  
Parallel expansion without extra hardware allows quick capacity upgrade to meet business growth 
Swappable fans reduce maintenance lead time  
Built-in manual bypass allows “zero downtime” to ensure system availability during service maintenance  
Main I/P and O/P switches detection provide quick diagnosis when faults occur 
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Delta Ultron DPS Key Technical Data  
DPS-160K / DPS-200K / DPS-300K / DPS-400K / DPS-500K 
Power Rating 
[160K]: 160kVA/144kW 
[200K]: 200kVA/180kW 
[300K]: 300kVA/270kW 
[400K]: 400kVA/360kW 
[500K]: 500kVA/450kW 
Nominal Voltage 
Voltage Range 
Current Harmonic Distortion  
Power Factor 
380/220, 400/230, 415/240 Vac (3 phase, 4-wire + G) 
324~477 Vac (full load), 242~324 Vac (70%~100% load) 
< 3% 
Output Power Factor 
Voltage Harmonic Distortion 
Voltage Regulation 
Overload Capacity 
380/220, 400/230, 415/240 Vac (3 phase, 4-wire + G) 
< 1.5% (linear load) 
± 1% (Static) 
50 or 60 Hz ± 0.05Hz 
125%: 10 minutes 
150%: 1 minute 
Mimic LCD supports multi-language and LED indicators 
RS232 x 1, Smart slot x 2, Output dry contact x 6, Input dry contact x 7, (Input dry contact (two sets), REPO x 1, External battery cabinet status detection x 1, External battery cabinet temperature detection x 4), Parallel port x 2, USB port x 1 
Safety & EMC 
Other Feayures 
Parallel Redundancy 
Emergency Power Off 
Event Log 
Upto 8 Units 
Local and Remote 
500 Records 
ECO Mode 
Upto 96% 
Upto 99%  
Operating Temperature 
Relative Humidity 
Audible Noise (at one metre) 
IP Protection 
0 - 40 ˚C 
5 - 95% (non-condensing) 
[160K/200K]: <70 dBA 
[300K/400K]: <73 dBA 
[500K]: <76 dBA 
UPS Dimensions(WxDxH) 
UPS Weight 
[160K/200K]: 850 x 865 x 1950 mm 
[300K/400K/500K]: 1600 x 865 x 1950 mm 
[160K/200K]: 697 kg 
[300K/400K]: 1200 kg 
[500K]: 1220 kg 
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