External Maintenance Bypass Switches 

A TSE External Maintenance Bypass Switch (EMBS) allows your UPS unit, or units, to be safely removed from the electrical circuit for routine maintenance or replacement without causing a loss of supply to the critical connected load. 
TSE manufacturer the following types of EMBS:- 
•Plug and Play units from 1kva to 3kva single phase 
•5kva to 20kva single phase in/out 
•8kva to 30kva three phase in/ single phase out 
•10kva to 200kva three phase in/out 
•EMBS with output mcb's for up to 12 circuits built in 
•Parallel EMBS with single or dual output 
For more informaton on TSE Bypass swiches or bespoke panels please call our sales team on 0800 999 3300 or email us at info@tse-ups.com 
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