UPS Battery Testing & Replacement 

TSE Power’s extensive standby battery testing service is available 24 hours of every day to fit in with your Critical Power requirements. The Inspection report combines detailed test results with expert recommendations if needed.. 
A key benefit of a regular battery maintenance regime is the early detection of weak or failed battery blocks. As they are such a critical part of a power protection system, and the most common fault in UPS systems, replacement of weak or failed battery blocks should therefore take place before they fail. Ensuring that standby batteries are regularly tested or monitored is vital to ensure the integrity of supported equipment should a mains supply failure occur. Standby batteries need to be housed in a clean, cool environment to enable them to fulfil their recommended design life 
Additionally, TSE Power offer a UPS battery replacement programme for a wide range of battery supported products. We can supply a replacement UPS battery compatible with your AC UPS, DC equipment, emergency lighting, generator starting batteries and tripping sets. 
TSE Power offers three kinds of battery testing: 
Load bank testing. 
This will show how long your critical power system will provide power to you load by discharging the batteries in real time with a known load. This can be the full designed load of the system or a set load. (this option does leave the critical load with a lower run time until a full recharge has taken place
Impedance testing. 
Our test using a Hioki Impedance meter is based on looking at a cell’s internal resistance. This is proving to be a very reliable indicator of state of health and should offer a cost-effective supplement or replacement solution to load bank testing. Field testing on all types of batteries has proven if a cell’s internal resistance increases to more than 35% above its known base line value, that cell will fail a capacity test. 
Conductance testing 
Conductance is an indication of a battery’s ability to conduct or produce energy. Using conductance and trending the results with information obtained from our handheld Midtronics conductance meter will provide you with the battery’s state of health by showing a percentage of measurement against the known original values. This will help plan the replacement of batteries before they reach end of life. The unit of measure for conductance is Mhos or Siemens. This is the most accurate measurement available in the market today.  
Part of all the above testing will result in a report on how your critical power system batteries are faring. We will also make comments on Health and safety and the installation environment. 
Replacing a whole battery string is a costly exercise. Using one of the above battery testing methods can identify any weak or failing individual blocks leading to a much lower replacement cost (or possibly the battery being re-conditioned) compared to the expense of swapping out an entire string. At the same time this will of course check the overall battery string health ensuring that any Critical Power System will deliver the protection expected from it when needed. 
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