TSE Solutions 

TSE Solutions 

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) 

This is probably one of the most difficult decisions you will make when protecting your critical systems or equipment. There is a minefield of information and options in the market. So where do you look for the system that you really need. This is where TSE, as a renowned specialist in the field of Uninterruptible Power Supplies can help you. We aim to supply you with the most cost effective system suited to your requirements.The TSE Power range of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS systems) runs from 300VA to 6MVA; enough to power anything from a small desktop PC or file server to complete datacentres. These UPS systems are highly efficient and can help to save energy costs and provide a significant saving in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to traditional battery backup power systems. 
The UPS systems available from TSE Power include desktop, tower, 19” rackmount, modular and floor standing uninterruptible power supplies – in single phase and three phase outputs. The modular and larger UPS systems provide high levels of resilience and scalability in parallel/redundant N+X configurations. Each system offers a wide range of communications accessories for network interfacing and remote monitoring. Extended runtime options are available for the majority of UPS systems using either matching battery extension packs, additional bespoke battery stands and standby power generators. 

Emergency Lighting 

Emergency Lighting is designed to provide continued lighting when the power goes down in a building. These lights are essential to the safety of people during a power outage, when normal lighting fails. Emergency lighting must comply with the Code of Practice for the emergency lighting of premises: this outlines where lights should be positioned, minimum height and glare levels. TSE Power will be happy to advise you on what is required, offering the best advice and guidance. Below are the types of Emergency Lighting available: 
Self Contained - A light or sign providing emergency lighting, in which all the parts such as the battery, lamp and control unit are contained within the housing or within 1 metre of the housing. 
Central Battery Systems - A system in which the batteries and charger are housed in one location together with monitoring of the mains supply and if re­quired sub-circuits. Can supply total or part loads as required. 
Static Inverter - A static inverter runs conventional mains lighting at full brightness during both normal conditions and power outage situations. Does not require installation of special fittings. 
We have a fantastic range of Central Battery Static Emergency Light systems that range from 4kva single phase to 160kva 3 phase. All are fully EN 50171 compliant and are available ex-stock. (larger systems are to order). With supply, installation and maintenance all from the same one stop shop, prices can remain very competitive. 


TSE are value added resellers for SDMO generators but also have a variety of other manufactures to choose from dependant on your requirement. We supply a comprehensive range of both diesel and gas generators from 5Kva to 1.5Mva. 
We have supplied units as a stand alone solution or as part of a turnkey system complete with an Automatic Transfer Switch with a UPS and power distribution. Click here to read more about our generators 

External Maintenance Bypass Switches (EMBS) 

A TSE External Maintenance Bypass Switch (EMBS) allows your UPS system, or systems, to be safely removed from the electrical circuit for routine maintenance or replacement without causing a loss of supply to the critical connected loads. 


UPS batteries are a chemical energy storage devices that will deteriorate over time. They have a designed life based on optimum site and load conditions. Typically a five year design life battery will probably require replacement within year 4, and a ten year design life battery within year 7 to 8. Whilst many UPS and standby battery systems are originally supplied by the manufacturer, TSE can replace your existing set at a significant cost saving. We manage the safe and environmental disposal of batteries in line with the Harzardous Waste Regulations. TSE ensures that all the legal requirements associated with the removal, transportation and disposal of waste batteries are fully complied with. TSE are registered with the Environment Agency as licenced hazardous waste carriers. 
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